Thursday, 9 December 2010

Skin lesions healed LLLT

Here is a very interesting case from Chiropractor and laser practitioner Dr Tom Scott.

A patient of his presented with chronic skin lesions believed to be a result of a lifetime’s over exposure to the sun. He had been receiving treatment for a month using Alderma with little effect.

With five treatments of low level laser over a two week period the results are astounding. See for yourself.

Visit 1. 22/11/2010
Pre treatment wound weeping and surrounding areas inflamed and painful.

Visit 2. 24/11/2010
Redness and inflammation reducing open lesions showing signs of healing and scab formation decrease in pain.

Visit 3. 29/11/2010
Noticeable decrease in redness and inflammation lesions are showing considerable healing; no sign of weeping and scab formation progressing. No pain in area.

Visit 4. 01/12/2010
Minimal reddening lesions dry and disappearing. Open wound above left eye due to knocking forehead on boot lid.

Visit 5. 06/12/2010
All redness gone, lesions completely healed. No pain or discomfort. Patient recommend follow up visit in 1 week to make sure complete healing has occurred. This will then be monitored over the following months to determine risk of relapse.


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  5. Thanks for sharing, and I'm going to have to give this information to my father-in-law because I've started to notice that he's been having some symptoms like that. I'm going to have to show him about laser treatments because they seem to be working.

  6. That is an amazing improvement. I've never had this done, but I think I'd recommend it. Simply astounding results.

  7. It's amazing what cold laser therapy can do for someone. I some break out in hives if I'm allergic to a food I've eaten. Would you recommend cold laser therapy for this?