Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Treatment for Mortons Neuroma

We have had several requests for more  information on the treatment of Morton's Neuroma.  Wendy Boast from the  Sunu Centre in Oxted Surrey has had success in the treatment of this condition.  Here is her protocol.

Morton’s Neuroma requires the Infra-red spectrum circa 820 nm, as the light must reach the nerve damage.
The protocol requires treatment of the 6 main lymph groups, 1 minute cluster at 700 Hz at the L4/5 and 5K behind the knees before treatment of the foot.
Apply the 808/820 probe at 146Hz over the area of the neuroma both from the top and the bottom;  about 1 minute to cover the area, and be sure the get the light between the webbing. Then cluster 1M at 1K over the area.
Most patients see an improvement by the 3rd treatment; I would treat weekly for 4 treatments; then monthly for another 4.
 For more information contact Wendy Boast.