Friday, 5 February 2010

Fast relief from debilitating headaches

Every year over £150 million is spent on diagnosing and treating migraine headaches.

However, if we include other factors such as loss of economic productivity through absence from work which account for 25 million sick days due to headaches every year its more like a staggering £2.25 billion.

Here’s a case study from Wendy Boast at the Sunu Centre, Oxted.

A fit and active maths teacher, this patient had suffered for four months with continuous, severe headaches as a result of a cycling accident. He had suffered concussion but no broken bones, however the main blow was to the left jaw, affecting his neck and head generally.

He was becoming very stressed about having time off work - time out of the academic year, the impact on his students and pressure on other staff but also he found his concentration and memory were now a real problem.

I provided him a programme of 6 weekly treatments; from the first one he saw a real improvement and his colleagues all commented on how much better he looked. By treatment number 3, we were able to focus on specifics; the overwhelming pain had gone, and the “hidden” pains were apparent, particularly in the right temple. By treatment 6 he was so improved that he could manage his normal workload, and any lighter headaches brought on after deep concentration (marking and assessment activity) were easily dealt with by normal painkillers or some relaxation.

He is able to manage his workload without taking time off, his memory and concentration are much improved, and he gives Cold Laser Therapy 10 out of 10!!.